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INTEGRATE is carried out by a consortium of three university partners and is supported by a grant from the Flemish government Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (Strategic Basic Research SBO-IWT nr 140009).

The Coordinating Centre is located at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is composed of the general coordinators prof. dr. Luc Deliens and prof. dr. Joachim Cohen, prof. dr. Koen Pardon, senior researcher Kim Beernaert, valorisation manager Benjamin Werrebrouck and management assistant Geertje Van Duijnhoven.

The Steering Committee is composed of prof. dr. Chantal Van Audenhove (Catholic University of Leuven), prof. dr. Simon Van Belle (Ghent University), prof. dr. Luc Deliens and prof. dr. Joachim Cohen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

VUBUniversiteit GentKULeuven LUCAS

Each of the six studies is closely supervised and conducted by a Project Group, composed of a PhD-student, the promoters/supervisors, a daily supervisor (senior researcher), and additional relevant experts.  

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