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Integration of palliative care into home, nursing home and hospital care and into the community 

INTEGRATE is a collaboration between researchers from various disciplines and from leading research teams from different Belgian universities (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Ghent University and Catholic University of Leuven). It is timely and innovative project studying and developing models of integration of palliative care into the health care system in Flanders, Belgium, focusing on public health and health services approaches. The project aims to extend the boundaries of existing research and deliver the necessary scientific evidence and insights regarding integration of early palliative care at different levels of the health care system, for instance in different hospital wards, in the home care setting and in long term care and also to investigate the need for and possibilities of further integration into the community.

The main strategic scientific aims are twofold:
1) to develop and evaluate models of integration of early palliative care within existing health services
2) to evaluate the potential for integration of palliative care in the community and develop community interventions to improve palliative care integration in the community


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